Child Care Thailand

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Our history

Who are we:

A small foundation that was established February 1, 2015 by Founder Jan Helge Haugeplass (Yanni) resident in Geilo, and co-founder Kim Karlsen resident Gjettum.
Other we have 3 board member.
2 of staying at Geilo, it’s Yannis mother Toril and one of his aunts, who are responsible for sorting and packaging of everything we receive clothes home to Yanni. And one memb. Lives in Fredrikstad.

But we have many volunteers who are there, but will especially mention Tove, who is the mother of Kim and live in Gjettum.
Also, we have a main collection point in Geilo at Vulkan Frisør v/ Torunn, where people can deliver, and she will sort / pack and deliver at Yannis home.

Our main address is 3580 Geilo, in Bardølavegen 140 where our Founder Jan Helge Haugeplass (Yanni) lives. There is absolutely everything is stored until it is sent to Thailand.

What we do:

Child Care Thailand works to bring clothes and other necessities from Norway, to orphanages throughout Thailand. Non-profit all the way! Volunteering

How this started:  “ with an old signs along the road – that would change everything for me”
It started in 2009, Yanni was vacationing in Thailand / pattaya – and took a taxi sightseeing to get a little better acquainted with the city. He has always been up all of how locals live, and asked the driver to tell if he saw something I should see along the way.
And then there appeared one sign along the road, where it was written “A home with a heart”, and there was something about the sign that made me curious. We stopped, and suddenly there were some children running alongside a grown woman – who would prove to be leader of one orphanage with 75 children.

She showed me around, I tried to take a lot of pictures, but it was only a few – this was an emotionally tough experience. Before I went home, she asked politely if I came back to Thailand again, yes I said. Then she said the following:
Do you have any children clothes present who is not used, if you have free space in your suitcase so this will be received with great thanks. Of course I said.
When I left my hotel, they said at that if I came back there next time, I could only put in a bag of summer clothes, so I did not have to take them home just to add those in one cabinet.

And it gave me the idea that I get to extra space in my suitcase, if I have a t-shirt or two to spare. So I left my bag there.

Back home again in June 2009, I thought I could advertise on FB if anyone has anything, then i could fill up my suitcase and take this on my  next holiday trip in December.

And I did, but as a bachelor and without children I have, no idea what people may have lying around in drawers / cabinets from their children. From I announced until I got the first call,
it was well under 10 minutes to my great joy. The person said he had two suitcases standing as he wanted me to check. Then I thought, wow – what do I do now?
My plan was to fill my own suitcase, and then I suddenly had two more full suitcases with clothes for children. What to do know?

I contact the travel agent I use and applied to take a 1-2 extra suitcases then. I was allowed to bring one suitcase, sometimes 2 since it was one good purpose. And I have vacationed there 2 times a year (December to May). But the collection via FB is overwhelming, by the summer 2014 I had more than  600 kg og clothes.  Besides all that I had delivered.

As mentioned, I have for many years provided approximately 20 kg of clothes in a suitcase to orphanages, every time I have traveled to Thailand. As a single I felt that I with this contributed little to a better life for children in care. In addition, I have for some years now been sponsor for two children at the orphanage Baan Jing Jai, located just outside Pattaya in Thailand. I’ve been wanting to do more, but felt I did not have the knowledge or capacity to do something.
But then in 2014 I met Kim Karlsen. He worked at one hotel where I stayed due to my job.
As naturally as talking one bit together, and we soon found out that we had common interests when it comes to holiday destination. Then in January 2015 we met down there. I  told him more about what I did and about orphanages etc.
Kim therefore launched the idea to go one step further, also since I now had so much clothing stored at home. But only if I was interested in it.
He proposed that I should start a Foundation, something I knew nothing about.
But Kim said he wanted to join in on this, and if so organize all of web / marketing.
We agreed to meet at Geilo in late January. I just had to get one name for the foundation.
We met at Ro Kro for a little chat. Well it took no more than 5 minutes before it was determined that we do this. And with my family to the board, so the organization was founded on 1 February 2015.
And we were simultaneously registered under the Gaming Board – so we became part of Grasrotandelen.