Child Care Thailand

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There are many ways you can help from where you are. And you should know that it is safe to donate to us. We use our private time and money on this project and work 100% voluntary. The only way we would be able to withdraw salary for this is if the government would get involved in one of our projects that require presence in Thailand. This is unlikely.

So how can you donate? There are several ways to do it. We will also explain what we do with it too.

  • Clothing / Toys: This is collected at our headquarters in Geilo. Then there will be distributed and sent down to the orphanage who have the real needs for clothes. We provide not to orphanages for resale. All orphanages must sign that they do not sell clothes but actually use them. The clothes will be sent down with either container, in packages or with people we know.
  • Membership: Draw membership in the organization. Here goes 100% of the amount to orphanages in the form of food or equipment. We buy personally when we are in Thailand. From 2017 we advocate that the membership shall be NOK. 50 per month. Ie NOK 600 per year. This will be decided at a board meeting in January.
    Private donation of money: Here goes 100% of the amount to orphanages in for food and equipment.
    Company Donation: Here goes 65% directly to orphanages in the form of food and equipment. Remaining goes to running the organization.
  • Testament Ring: We thank you. We greatly appreciate it and really appreciate notice so we can thank you in person.
  • Anonymous contributions: This is possible. Send to our address in Geilo. Child Care Thailand, Bardølavegen 140, 3580 Geilo
  • Purchase of merchandise: Sometimes we have products that we’ve got cheap that can be purchased. Note that here goes part of the money to buy your product, but it should never exceed 10% of the sales price.
  • VIPPS / mCash: Everything that comes in here, go 95% directly to orphanages, while 5% goes to cost around (Only in Norway).
  • Donating directly to orphanages: On pages of orphanages here on, you’ll also find account information to orphanages. You are free to transfer directly.
  • Volunteering: Children homes appreciate volunteering in Thailand. Please contact us for more information.