Child Care Thailand

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Booncho Childrens Home

The Boonchoo Home for children with Special Needs

Adress: No. 117/1 Moo 5. Plutaluang district, Sattahip. Chonburi 20180

This foundation has Mrs. Boonchoo Moangmaithong as President with eight comittees working for the children.

About 164 children living there.

The foundation located on two rais of land, which was donated from Mrs. Sai SangNgon in the amount of one Rai and 200 square wah, the rest of 200 square wah was donated from varieties of philanthropists. The foundation was registered November 25th 2015, with main purpose to develop the potentiality of disabled children of all kinds. Focusing on the children to live together happily and in harmony.

This is a nonprofit organization.

Objectives: 1. Strive to develop the disabled children to dwelling as acceptable in the society happily. 2. Encourage children to pursue a career of their own. 3. Support and back up sports skills. 4. Target to have disabled children to be accepted in the society. 5. Collaborate and operate with others nonprofit organizations and public organizations for the commonwealth. 6. Irrelevant to any political activities of all kinds. Target: 1. Children with special needs aged four years and up. 2. All children with disabilities Current Situation: At Baan Kru Boonchoo Foundation, we serve disabled children both boader and day child.

The fee for 1 room/boarder is 100 baht per day but free of charge for daycare child.

We divide our disabled children into 7 groups as follows: 1. Learning disabilities 2. Cognitive retardation 3. Autism 4. Visual impairment 5. Hearing impairment 6. Multiple disabilities 7. Physical disabilities Income: Our main income is from the donations. Our supporters are from individuals, businesses, government offices and organizations. Our staff: We have 35 staff, divided them by positions as follows: 1. Physical education teachers 2. Musical teachers 3. Assistances 4. Social workers and psychologists 5. Supply income officers 6. Cooks 7. Maids 8. Drivers

Our activities for developing our children: We care for the children’s quality of life so we provide the training activities to our children as follows: 1. Self care training 2. Live with other people training 3. Occupational training 4. Sport training Other projects: 1. Religion encouragement 2. Assistance for disadvantaged people 3. Staff’s income raising 4. Occupational promotion for special children 5. Field trip education 6. Camp 7. Children day 8. Health promotion for staff and special children 9. Supply income to Baan Kru Boonchoo Foundation 10. Sport promotion activity