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Camillian Social Center

Camillian Social Center Rayong

This HIV / AIDS center was established by an Italian priest Giovanni in January 1996.
And from the opening date until March 31, 2010, over 1670 people with HIV / AIDS have been here. Among these, 760 died due to complications related to the virus. While 940 have got the opportunity to return to society.
The area where this was established was donated to the Reverend Giovanni by a Thai Catholic family. They wanted to contribute to a better life for children / adults with HIV / AIDS virus.
The center consists of several small branches scattered around.
They have 4 staff at the center who attend courses and schools so could travel around Rayong to educate the public about HIV / AIDS.

Camillian Childcare Center

Today it is 69 children at the Camillian Main center, where 40 of them staying at this center. The 69 children who are here, comes from a very poor background, and have been abandoned at the local hospital. They have been referred to the Camillian, through Government Sociale Workers who are employee at regional and local hospitals. These hospitals have one full-time employee and 10 assistants, who only takes care of those with HIV / AIDS. And these assistants seats were even also patients at Camillian who now manages itself. These now live outside for themselves.
Many of these children have just got diagonsen AIDS, when they come here.They offer “Literacy classes” to 6 children who are not strong enough to go to school yet. These school hours will do that these might even be able to go to a local school with other children later. The remaining 63 children are divided into 7 different local schools in the area. Youngest child here is only 2 years, but lives here with his mother.
Thanks to donations, this center started with different activities for these children in 1996, they need special care and attention for the sake of the side effects they have when using medicines they take.

The Garden of Eden opened in 2003
It is about 40 km from the main center Camillian in the district Ban Khai / Rayong
35 (PLWHA) and 12 children who did not have the virus now live here in a form of a small village. 11 of the children attend a local school. Despite the fact that these are in good health, they are rejected by their families and society. So the goal of that they live here, they should be able to fend for themselves, and be able to function in society under supervision. This landscape is cleared, and 2 small lakes have been created in order to provide water for agriculture. A friendly landowner bought fruit trees that have been planted around the water.

The Independent Living

Located in the district Map-Ta-Phut about 6km from Camillian and opened August 7, 2006.
It is considered to be the first of its kind in Aisa. The center was built to help teenagers living with HIV to become independent and might be able to live normally.
in 2010 there lived 17 youths here. The capacity is 30 individuals older children (divided 50/50) girls and boys. 2 adults working here, a teacher and a social worker who also lives here. The teenagers are responsible and take their ‘anti-retroviral’ medicines at the right time and to book an appointment at the local hospital. While Camillian is responsible for ensuring that they get the drugs that the local hospital could not obtain and the daily expenses at the center. These young people govern themselves home in cooperation with the adults, and they participate in all ativities at the main center Camillian Social Center Rayong.
Camilllian believe that this center will be a bridge to get Thai society to accept and understand that also HIV positive are ordinary people. In the future, these young people become activists against the spread of HIV / AIDS virus in Thailand.