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Chaiyapruk Orphanage

Chaiyapruk Orphanage is located just 2 hours outside central Bangkok. It was in 1985, by Dr. Cleopandh Soorapanthu and her husband, Dr. Somsak Somsugdi decided to start helping children. They had for 20 years been in Germany with a private clinic which was run well, before they returned home to Thailand. They were shocked by the bad conditions some children lived under in Thailand. Therefore, they decided to create one home for children who were orphaned.

Word orphan is not quite right in all cases. Large parts of the population in Thailand is struggling with poverty. When single mothers have to go out to work, they are not always able to provide childcare. That’s why a lot of people, for tragic reasons, are forced to leave the child behind with no one to care for her/him.

It is estimated that there are approximately 80 children are left to themselves, just in Bangkok a year. With over 8 million citizens of 66 million total in Thailand, one can only imagine how many tragic events that occur per day.

Chaiyapruk Orphanage is one of many orphanages that welcomes children right from the street. To date, they have responsibility for over 46 children aged 0 to 18 years. They make sure they have a bed to sleep in, food and school. In addition, they ensure that health is intact.

Dr. Cleopandh and Dr. Somsak has several projects that they right now are doing.

Bakery: When kids reach their teens get the part in the bakery with both cooking and selling. This prepares them for employment later in life.
Earthworm-farm: Thanks to donations they have been able to start up this project. Children learn what nature creates and gives, in addition to sales that provide income to the orphanage.
Vegetable Farm: What is not better learn than how to grow their own vegetables. Here they learn how grow vegetables which they afterwards can eat at the orphanage. In combination with the other projects, this creates great synergies.
What is Child Care Thailand to support this orphanage with?

After a good and pleasant conversation with Dr. Cleopandh, we saw that the needs of Chaiyapruk lay several places.

  • Volunteer to work at the orphanage
  • Money for education of children
  • Clothing and consumables for kids
  • Money for the operation of the orphanage
  • Money for the new kindergarten
  • Mentors for Kids
  • Dr. Cleopandh dream to build a small nursery for the smallest. But the equipment supplied. In addition to clothing it with this we want to help.

We hope you have the opportunity to help us with this, because we have one strong desire to help as many children as possible in the future