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GloryHut Foundation

Glory Hut Foundation was opened in 2010

Address: Banglamung district; Chonburi province Thailand.

On behalf of my foundation, I got the pleasure of being introduced to this place in May 2016, our driver Rujichan took me there, and when I arrived, I met Mr. Dome, a Thai man who spoke English well.

He proved to be one of the patients there and on the mend, but also one of the volunteers. In In total Glory Hut provides shelter and food to 34 adult singles / homeless with HIV / AIDS.
In addition to a young girl Håva 20 years, who lives there with her daughter ( 9 months).
The reason that she lives there to, because her mother had worked there previously, but she past away, therefore they would take care of her as long as she is not able to provide for here daughter and here selv.

He told me that CEO named Khun Pornsawan Khunkaw, a pastor from Adoni Church, started Glory Hut in 2010, a tiny organization in Chon Buri district.
Unfortunately she was not present when I was there, but Mr. Dome called her and I was warmly welcomed back the next day.

I toured, and where seeing the pictures they have painted bright colors of the houses to create some colourfulnes. In these simple houses live from 1-4 Adults in each, and of course no AC, nor table fans. Only a bed and chair for clothes.In addition, they had one long table and plastic chairs – so everyone can eat meals together, in front of a small outdoor kitchen. Also, there was also a small church there, Adoni Church it was nicely decorated, and they have a local meeting there every Sunday at 10am for the community.Beyond this, there was not much else to see, except that one generous Norwegian company had donated 5 great new exercise equipment – which they use during training.

They had 5 toilets for residents, simple toilets with a shower hose.

The basic for the individual here is that they get to stay between 3-6 months, some longer or until they can take care of themselves if they are better off the treatment they receive.
They receive daily transport to local hospitals where they get necessary medications and samples are taken, but as for all with this virus so they presented the hospital regards and stay there. They are ignored by society and have nowhere else to be.

When I went back the next day, with our driver Rujira. I brought a few boxes of clothing for adults and it was not long before they had found something, they where very much appreciated. They have, after all, just what they are wearing.

Before I went home to Norway the same day, I was invited into the church where they held a prayer for me on behalf of the organization. They looked forward to new visits and clothing for adults and food for daily stay if we manage to raise money online to this foundation.
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