Child Care Thailand

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Donation is the most effective thing you can do. This is done by making contact with our chairman Yanni. All donations coming in from private, will go to orphanages directly. We buy food / equipment for the full amount that you give.

For corporate donations, we have a split:  65% is going to the orphanages directly, while 35% goes to running Child Care Thailand. For large donations or a long-term cooperation, less will go to running the organization.

Businesses can also choose support education of children with stipends or similar directly with the orphanage.


Since we are a small organization, we are actually able to keep track of all donations. So when you give for example 100 THB, we will make sure that food or equipment is bought and given to them directly. We travel 2 times per year for a vacation. During this vacation, we visit orphanages and help them. Note: All travel/hotel and transport costs are paid for by the members in private. The money donated from you is only given to the orphanage.

For private individuals, contact Yanni here.

For company, contact Kim here.